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  About Me

Annette has been a certified and practising Massage therapist since 2003 (IPTAS), a Reiki therapist since 2005 and a Life Coach since 2011.

Sport has played a big part in Annette’s life since childhood. She has played volleyball for Ireland, has completed several full and half marathons, was a keen skier and surfer, and is now enjoying her new passion as a marathon sea swimmer. As an athlete with a cross range of sports experience and interests Annette has an understanding of the toll sports can take on the body. Her involvement in sport and seeing the injuries and strain we put our bodies under to achieve our goals motivated Annette to attend the Institute of Physical Therapy enabling her to treat others to ensure they could continue to enjoy active lifestyles and look after their bodies at the same time.

While studying and practicing as a massage therapist Annette was introduce to Reiki (the Japanese therapy of energy flow or Ki). Under the guidance of Reiki Master Brian McCullen Annette began to see even better results for her clients and was soon in as much demand for Reiki treatments as she was for massage.

Coming from a business background, being a high achiever professionally and athletically it was only natural that an interest in personal development and wanting to understand what drives behaviours led Annette down the path of life coaching. Using all of her experience and qualifications Annette can take you on a journey that will provide practical tools and techniques putting you in control of your own wellbeing and life.




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