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Clinical/Sports Massage
Clinical massage techniques differ from relaxation massage because they focus on therapeutic goals (for example releasing muscle spasms or strengthening or stretching a specific muscles affected by an injury). They use more specific manipulation of the muscle and/or surrounding connective tissue and may address systems in the body such as the lymphatic, circulatory and nervous systems.

Benefits of clinical /sports massage include: reduced pain, release muscle tightness, repair injured tissue, muscles and ligaments, release adhesions. Release scar tissue, release nerve compression, greater flexibility and range of motion.

Relaxation Massage
Using warm aromatic oils and gentle massage techniques you will be eased into a relaxed state. Through the gentle touch of massage tensions will be released, muscles relaxed, aches and pains soothed, cells re nourished, circulation improved and lymphatic system stimulated.

Benefits of relaxation massage include: relief for tight muscles, improved circulation, reduction of stress, improved sleep pattern, improved mood, enhanced sense of wellbeing, lymphatic drainage, increased energy and vitality.

Massage session
A massage session will typically last for 1 hour. Each session will be tailored to meet your specific needs. Prior to any treatment I will take your medial history, a postural and range of movement assessment may be required to identify areas that may require specific attention or treatment methods e.g. relaxation massage, sports massage, deep/soft tissue work, trigger point therapy, muscle energy techniques, myofascial therapy (to find out more about specific therapies please contact me directly).



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